The “high resolution microscopy in living animals” symposium is aimed at reviewing novel development and emerging techniques dedicated to the in vivo cellular and molecular imaging in mice. The symposium will cover four topics:

1. Optogenetics and neuroimiaging

2. Lineage mapping in living mice

3. New development in mice imaging

4. Images analysis and processing 


The 'High resolution microscopy in living animals' is two half-day meeting that focuses on live imaging methods to study developmental and deseases through live imaging approaches.


The first half-day held on 2017 November 21st meeting will gather 4 speakers focusing on exciting imaging approaches combined with strong biological question:

Invited speakers are: Botond Roska (FMI, Basel), Jean Livet (Institut de la vision, Paris, France), Pierre Mahou (Ecole Polytechnique, France), and Alain Chédotal (Institut de la vision, Paris, France). See program for more details.


Save the date ! The second half-day will be held on 2018 May 25th. This second symposium will cover Optogenetics, Correlative microscopy and Images analyses. Confirmed invited speakers are Valentina Emiliani (Paris Descartes, France), Takeshi Hiiragi (EMBL, Germany), Jean Salamero (Institut Curie, France), Nicolas Lemercier (IGBMC, France) and Florian Jug (MPI Dresden, Germany).


The meeting is mainly aiming for the training of young Post doc and phD students in the field of developmental biology and stem cell interested in moving on into live imaging and quantitative approaches. We expect to gather a young crowd of participants, which creates an highly interactive meeting.




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